Diabolik Lovers More, Blood (Dub)

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood (Dub)

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood (Dub)

  • Dubbed
  • Completed
  • BLOOD, Diabolik Lovers 2nd Season, DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE, Diabolik Lovers Second Season
  • 12
  • 10.640
  • Harem, School, Shoujo, Vampire
  • Sep 24, 2015


Yui Komori, still held captive by the Sakamaki brothers—pureblood vampires after her blood—experiences yet more bizarre twists to her life following her stay at their household. Though haunted by enigmatic dreams, Yui soon deciphers their meaning when caught in a car crash, which subsequently leads to meeting four new vampires: the Mukami brothers, Ruki, Azusa, Kou, and Yuuma, who themselves capture the bewildered girl.

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